Project Brief

South African Breweries holds 90% of the local beer market. The explosion of craft beer presented iconic brand Castle Lager a challenge. Because it’s mass produced, there is a rising perception that it’s full of chemicals and lacking in quality. The truth is Castle has been made the same way since 1895, with natural ingredients and careful crafting. How could we keep the brand relevant in a market that is quick to disapprove of mainstream?


By bringing a piece of our brand heritage into 2016, we created a first-in-Africa beer experience. Consumers get to drink Castle Lager like Founder Brewmaster Charles Glass did in 1895 – fresh from the brewery. Launched in some of South Africa’s oldest pubs, Castle Lager is now providing the freshest beer available in Africa directly to its audience.



Castle’s craft credentials have returned. Not only did we refresh an icon, we set a new standard for beer in South Africa. So far, tank beer outlets experienced 24% increase in sales of Castle Lager.


The Tank Beer logo acts as a stamp of approval, a reassurance, and carries with it the full weight of the brand.

Vertical lock up
Horizontal lock up


Black speaks to the progressive, contemporary environment. Copper cues the heritage and crafted aspect of the brand. Gold represents the precision and progress. White represents the contemporary edge of the brand.

  • Craft Gold

    Pantone 10133c

  • Copper


  • Rich Black

    Process Black

  • White

    White ink

The design is crafted and crisplike the beer. Technical details emphasise the Brewmaster’s precision. Distinctive substrates and design elements draw from the past, yet give a nod to modern craftsmanship.

Position and scale allow our tanks to command attention while blending in comfortably. Our iconic tap stands well above other draught offerings, drawing attention.

percent increase in sales of Castle Lager original
percent increase in Castle 1895 Tank Beer installations
percent happy clients

Creative Director: Martinique Wilkinson

Designers / Art Directors: William Moore & Tessa Kleingeld

Architects: Shaun Adendorff, Amy Lawrence