Project Brief

Castle Lite wanted to own “cold” in the local beer market, while upping their premium credentials. The cold brand intrinsic needed to be expressed consistently across all consumer experiences, and with dark marketing looming,  a strong visual brand salience needed to be created without use of a logo.


A versatile brand language was created, that allows “cold” to be translated consistently yet flexibly in trade and experiential environments. The use of crispy facets bring ice to life in a way that is fresh, flexible and premium.



In a cluttered market, Castle Lite was firmly established as an iconic South African beer brand with an unmistakable identity, helping the brand become the largest “green glass” premium brand in the market.


While the green brand colour is only used on the actual product itself, the environments in which the brand lives are made up of an icy cool colour pallette, with the “Extra Cold Blue” indicating cold zones, as it does on the bottle.

  • Extra Cold Blue

    Pantone 300C

  • Dark Ice

    Pantone 7545C

  • Medium Ice

    Pantone 7544C

  • Ice Grey

    Pantone 7543C

  • Light Ice

    Pantone 428C


Creative Director: Martinique Wilkinson

Designer / Art Director: William Moore

3D / Industrial Designer: Greg van der Boon

Architects: Shaun Adendorff, Amy Lawrence